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I'm literally in love with your blog. Sorry if I look like a creeper liking every picture. To PERF. :D

awh hahah thanks! i’m glad someone still likes it cause i haven’t updated in forever, i’ve just been so busy. But hopefully I’ll get some time soon to make some new ones!

im opening photoshop for the first time in two months guys

this is a big moment for me

tell everyone to go vote for one direction on mtvs poll for best pop song, they deserve to win! and we're losing to justin bieber...


go vote for them! i just spent ten minutes trying to find a link but i have no clue what it is but don’t forget to vote for the VMAs here!

I love your imagines ok. like I read all of them in an hour and I check here every single day to see if you made more. i love you.

omgomgomg i love you more, srsly, these messages are the best, and im sorry i don’t make them as often, i’m just soso lazy. 

I love these imagines and I love you.<3 Okay? Okay. xx


wat. omg, who is this. i love you too!

this just made my day, even though its twelve in the morning. 

this is seriously the best because i never get any messages except for shoutouts. 

i love you so much, thank you!

you should just come off anon so i can love you more

anyone wanna submit imagines?